Teachers – how to use this resource

The lesson materials within LGfL Search & Rescue are based on real-life challenges faced daily by HM Coastguard. These lend themselves particularly well to the renewed curriculum focus on problem-solving in Maths.

Each resource focuses on a key area of Maths, but also requires students to apply other areas – a skill that is increasingly in demand in examinations (not to mention in the real world).

There is a teacher presentation and series of student worksheets for each topic, and to enable easy differentiation, all tasks have been assigned a Coastguard rank (see below) according to their challenge level.

  • Maritime
    Operations Officer
  • Senior Maritime
    Operations Officer
  • Commander
  • Chief Coastguard

Some lessons span several Key Stages – this is a reflection of the breadth of the topics explored in the videos, the clear and wide-ranging differentiation within the exercises provided, as well as recognition of the expertise of Maths teachers in the application of topics to Key Stages and vice versa in an age-appropriate manner.

It is recommended that each topic will take between 1­2 lessons. This will vary between classes. Students can either work through the tasks in a sequential order, or the teacher could direct certain students to tackle certain problems based on their ability and required challenge.

Blank templates have been provided to allow students the chance to create their own scenarios to share and challenge their peers using the mathematical knowledge required.